• S10E16 - A Long Shot

     Un secret du passé de Jack menace de changer sa relation avec la famille à jamais.


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    Vendredi 21 Avril 2017 à 16:22


    I juste wanted to tell you something. I totallity understand how much you and your family want to see the actors from Heartland, but I really think you shouldn't do it. It might change how you see them, (à big family living in a ranch...)  because this is not what they are for true. You actually see them and imagine them as what they are playing in a soap. I know I probably won't change your mind, but I wanna try. Géo to Canada, visit the studios if you want to, buy the complete original season and do whatever you would like to. But just consider my advice first. And, please, don't judge my English, I'm probably doing way too much mistakes

    Jeudi 23 Mars 2017 à 13:34

    Hi Guys !

    And warm thanks from many of us in France, we are 4 in our family to watch you with a real pleasure. We are not alone to be your fans but probably the only who try to find a way to take a plane all together and meet you in Alberta ! and we are from all different age : I`m the mom and the God mother of three more fan until 20 and 10 years old for the youngest. We are all totally addict to Heartland.

    Te thing is we are sad because we would like to get the DVD. The complete seasons in original language. And it is not possible in France frown 

    Do you think it will be possible for us to buy it someplace in Canada ? Are you sale some ? Because we will be solo grateful to watch you whenever we want to until we can meet you if we got a chance to ! Plus, it is good for us to learn "Canadian english"yes

    You are all family for us now so take care and think that some people in France are missing you when you are not shooting (even if we understand very well that you need a life out from heartland and fans) 

    Anyway, many thanks for the happiness you guys are giving to us. It is not only dreaming in front of TV. it is also feel, love, cry, laugh and happy to live with you. Some have just you as a family. So thank you and Enjoy the time you spend together.



     kind regards for all of you


    Muriel, Marc, Samuel, Johanna and Damien from South of France

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